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Secure Fast Hosting
SSL Secure Website

SSL Secure

The entire Pagester network is encrypted end to end using 256bit SSL. All customer sites also get their own SSL certificate.

Daily Cloud Backups

Daily Backups

Your website is backed up automatically every night and is stored for 30 days, so you can restore at any time.

Malware Scanning

Malware Scanning

Real-time scanning of all uploaded files and removal of viruses, keeping our network and your sites and customers protected.

Clef Two-Factor Authentication

Simple security for everyone. Clef built a replacement for usernames & passwords that secures your Pagester account by pointing your phone camera at the Clef wave on screen and it "magically" logs you in.

Clef Two-Factor Authentication

Limited login attempts

Brute force attacks are when a hacker tries hundreds of passwords in attempt to guess your login and access your site. Pagester automatically blocks these attacks on every site and our servers.

Intelligent IP blocking

Our firewall and intrusion detection systems block malicious IP addresses within seconds. We then automatically block these IP's across all our customer websites.

Amazon S3 offsite data backup

To ensure complete data security we backup all customer data to the Amazon cloud, seperate from our own network so no matter what eventuality we have copies of your website data stored and archieved in multiple offsite locations worldwide.

Amazon Webservices
Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

Every second counts when you run an online business and we understand any outage can be stressful. We monitor our entire network with monitoring from the industry leaders so within seconds of a problem our whole team is notifed and we're on the case.

Load Balanced Hosting

Load Balancing

To ensure the highest possible uptime we balance network resources and customer data across multiple servers. This means in the event of a problem with one server the other servers will keep your website online until the problem is identified and fixed.

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